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Your Heart & Mind Are Your Castle (Be Careful Who You Let In!)

Your Heart & Mind Are Your Castle (Be Careful Who You Let In!)


You’ve heard the saying, “a man’s home is his castle.” This statement implies that he/she enjoys the position as ruler of their home and no one has a right to enter without expressed permission from you.

Well, take that same concept and apply it to your heart, and your mind. Do you have rules for how people treat you? You should or you’re destined to suffer some form of B.S. perpetrated by others because you neglected to set the ground rules for how others should treat and respect you. Open and honest communication are vital components for establishing trust and dialogue. How is anyone to know what your expectations are if you don’t clearly articulate them. People can’t read your mind.

So, as of this day, start letting people know, in small subtle ways, that you won’t stand for certain behaviors, certain types of talk, or anything else you deem to be inappropriate. How (and who) do you want to allow into your life. That’s another BIGGY! You’re boss! Whoever they are, whenever they enter your world, you set the rules on how you want to be treated.

As long as you treat others in like kind, with kindness, care and respect, you deserve the same in return. No less, no matter the reason. Got that? Good. Onward and upward, right? EXACTLY!

Who Cares? / I Could Care Less!

(Well, read this first then see if you could care less too!)

Seriously, who cares what people think or what they’re going to do when it comes to what YOU want to do or think? Did someone hurt you recently with some form of verbal lashing of B.S.? Who cares? You’re not affected or offended. Did someone just reject you? Turn you down? Say, “no” to your proposal? Call you every name in the book? I say, “who cares?” You don’t. Because you’re tougher than steel, stronger than iron, and know exactly who you are and what you’re made of. All that stuff just rolls right off your back.

When you say to yourself, “Who cares?” … it’s like saying, “I’m not bothered by that.” or “I could care less.” The whole point here is that you’re not going to let others, the voices in your head, words, or feelings get in your way of you moving forward towards your dreams or ultimate goal.

In response to that, I can just hear someone saying, “well, you don’t want to ignore any authentic feelings you could be experiencing at that time.” Uh, yes you can. You can because how you perceive feelings, and deal with them, is a CHOICE you make based on THE BIG PICTURE. If your world is small and all you can think about is his/her rejection, well then, yeah, you’ll drown in a bucket of tears and it’s the end of the world. Well, not in my book, it’s not (for you). You can choose to say, “ouch, that hurt,” or you can say, “that didn’t hurt at all,” and move on to bigger and better things.

Remember, when one door closes, another one opens up. Further, that rejection could be the best thing that ever happened. Being turned down, turned away, told to leave, etc., are all opportunities for you to do something new, different, better, to learn, grow and improve on what it was you THOUGHT you should have been doing, etc.

To the degree you let things bother you, hold you back, keep you down, slow your progress, either way, you’re gonna feel some pain. Might as well ditch, ignore, dodge, smother any feelings that might come into play that would otherwise bring hold you back, stop you from going out again, keep you down and in the cryin’ buckets state of mind, deter any progress you could make in light of what otherwise would be interpreted as a temporary defeat. No. I say, “Press on. Onward and upward. Nothing stops you. Nothing! Victory awaits you. Give it another try. You’re worth it.”

Actually, I DO care!

I care about …

  • Winning … at the GAME of LIFE!
  • Giving my all to anything/everything I do!
  • Giving MY ALL to OTHERS to help them win too!
  • Leading by example … so others can LEAD TOO!

… in a nutshell! How’s that? Sound good to you? You in? I bet you are after reading this whole section on SELF-HELP from B.S. The Book.

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