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What’s On Your “Bucket List?”

What’s On Your “Bucket List?”


What’s on your bucket list? Everyone should have one. A bucket list is a list of things that you hope, wish, dream or plan to accomplish before you “kick the bucket?” The beauty of the list is that you can alter, update, and recontemplate it as often as you like.

Are you lonely? Depressed? Sad? Discouraged? Suicidal? Gosh, I hope not. Having said that, the best way to lift yourself up and out of the doldrums is to make a list of things you want to do in life, and go do them? I’m talking about coming up with new hobbies, traveling to new cities and places, visiting and talking with old friends and family members you haven’t seen in a long time, etc.

Make a huge list of small (free) to large (expensive) activities you’d like to do in your life time, prioritize them so you can take action and do them! If you came up with a list of about 30-50 things you’d like to do, spread them out over your lifetime, so you have something to look forward to every week, month, year, decade you’re alive. Set up a special savings account so you have money to fund your bucket list adventures.

Many bucket lists are frequently re-imagined as a work in progress. You can continually add to it, cross off what no longer seems like a must have / must do, but staying focused is the best part of the journey. And, there is no time but the present to start making your list. In talking to others, you may discover that they have some things on their lists that you’d like to add to yours. Some people are inspired to have a bucket list for altruistic and charitable reasons, others have desires to go to far away places, hike the rain forests or have an adventure out of their comfort zones, etc.

The experiences, stories, memories, and new people you’ll meet along these bucket list journeys just might be enough to keep your mind focused on living life your way and on your own terms, once again. Whether you take a friend or family member or go it alone, this is all about you satisfying your bucket list wishes and dreams. Do it your way and have fun. Just reviewing your list can be a great way to re-energize and stay motivated. A bucket list represents hopes and dreams that have every chance of becoming a reality.

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