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Perspective (Seeing Life Through  Someone Else’s Eyes or Situation)

Perspective (Seeing Life Through Someone Else’s Eyes or Situation)


Many people experience hardship and feelings of hopelessness. Life can be tough. Some will say that life isn’t fair. Truth is, we all have it tough. Honestly, it’s the feelings that we experience that can distract us from achieving our goals. Looking at things from a different perspective can actually help you transform your life.

What can you do when these feelings occur? I take 60 seconds and take a different perspective on my life. I assess my accomplishments, skills and achievements, put myself in someone else’s shoes, try to see life through their eyes and, usually within that time, I’m back on track and appreciating what I have.

When I do that, I gain an instant appreciation for where I’m at, even though I think I don’t have much going for me, which I do. We all do. We just need perspective. So, when you’re feeling down, discouraged, saddened or disappointed with your life, progress, the job, dating situation, marriage, etc., here’s what to do. Just think of:

  • Someone ELSE less fortunate than you who doesn’t have what you have. Imagine someone else wanting what you have, where you’re at, what you’ve accomplished to date, etc. Many people would trade places with you in a minute if you told them they could. That’s a good thing … for you! Congratulations, you’re okay!
  • Someone ELSE in another country who REALLY doesn’t have your opportunities (i.e., education, travel, living conditions, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, shelter, career options, business opportunities, Internet access, rights, protections, etc.). These may sound like basic, but these items really help put you in the driver seat for succeeding in your own life. Make a list, count your blessings, and know you just might have it made BIG TIME compared to someone else starving in another country, with really no hope. It’s pretty bad out there in other parts of the world.
  • Someone ELSE younger or older than you might prefer to be eager to start a new job in a slow economy versus someone looking at the iffy future of social security. If you’re older, think about all that you’ve accomplished professional and personally. If you’re younger, think about the open fields of opportunity to go anywhere, do anything, because you are just starting out. Look at life as your canvas and start painting. Be grateful.
  • ANY COMBINATION of the above should communicate that each of us has the capacity to change our perspectives and directly influence our feelings. We are not restricted by our experiences. This ongoing capacity to change and improve is what makes life such a great adventure.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

When facing any important decision, to assure that emotions are not dominating your thinking, that you’re not overly influenced by another person, and/or you’re not overlooking relevant facts, make a PRO/CON list to take all of the subjectivity out of the decision making process. The result will be a logical, rational and objective decision only tempered by your emotions.

For example, let’s say you wanted to quit your job because you didn’t like it there. You didn’t like the working conditions, the pay or something. But, you’re stuck in a dilemma. You need a job for financial reasons, but you still want to leave. What do you do? Enter, the PRO/CON list. On a sheet of paper, construct a chart like the one you see on the next page:
Given your situation, enter the pros and cons of staying or going. This chart serves the purpose of objectively displaying the facts of the situation so you can make a clear decision and see the pros and cons and the consequences of the decision you will make on this matter.

The decision is usually the one that offers you the optimal benefits and the least undesirable consequences. Make the decision. This pro/con process of decision making can be applied in work situations, relationships and many other situations in life here tough decisions are required.

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