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Mean, Nasty & Jealous Exes & Their B.S.

Mean, Nasty & Jealous Exes & Their B.S.


“Get a life, will you?” Better yet, “Get on with your life!” I say this to all those exes who bother, plot, and annoy the ex-spouse who divorced them for just o’ so many reasons.

In so many cases, this person was unhappy before he/she entered into a relationship with you, but you probably didn’t see the signs or recognize the character flaws. It’s like you never know your neighbors, until you move into the neighborhood. They kept their B.S. well hidden.

One way to deal with mean folks is to ignore their negative behavior; don’t give them the time of day. Let them do what they want, in the open, for the record, document their actions, record their calls (with their knowledge), keep all their emails, keep a journal and record the nasty stuff they said (and date it). You may need the evidence should something really hurtful happen to you.

If you can’t avoid their outbursts, remain calm so as not to excite or provoke them. They can’t say you ever raised your voice in anger or frustration because you always spoke in quieting tones. Be patient with requests and kill them with kindness. They may try to drag you through the ringer, even the courts, with trumped up charges, accuse you of being unfit to care for your kids, etc. Time is on your side and as the clock TICKS DOWN, you’ll be free one day. When you are, you can smile all the way to the beach because you’ll be on your way to a new life.

Their hellish life of personal and mental torment will remain with them for LIFE! For you it is good bye, loser. You’re free to be happy once again and pursue your dreams. No matter how much we want things to stay the same, life is about change. Embrace it when you are in a totally unacceptable situation.

Above all, don’t waste your time and energy brewing over their B.S., emotions and aggravations that you can’t control. Let them use their egos to torment themselves. Those days are (soon) over. Freedom will be yours (soon). Again, your new life will start and you should be so excited about that. Move on, forget the past, and live life fully once again!

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