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Looking For That Special Someone?

Looking For That Special Someone?


Whether you’re single, divorced, separated or widowed, if you find yourself longing to find that special someone to share your life with, I recommend you check out my book called:

Find The One For Me by Bart SmithFIND THE ONE FOR ME
Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice For Finding The One For You

I wrote this book to help people navigate the dating world, and help them find the one for them using my personal insights, dating tips, relationship wisdom and real advice on finding the one for them. I also have a dating website, that goes along with the book, where you can go to find real relationships, love, and a potential soulmate called: FindTheOneForMe.com

I built the website to help you find the one for you! Folks on this site know about my books, cookies, life philosophies, and are looking for like-minded soulmates, like you, who also believe in the same.

My dating/relationship website is based on the principles found in all my books, specifically, Laws Of The Bedroom and this one, Find The One For Me. So, if you like any or all of my books, then you will enjoy meeting others who do too. You never know, like minds often attract and create the sparks that keeps them together … forever!

Find The One For Me by Bart Smith 251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets by Bart SmithLaws Of The Bedroom by Bart SmithB.S. The Book by Bart Smith

“IF you don’t have my books yet, or the audio version of them to soak in all this knowledge into your life, then you’re missing out on A LOT! You owe it to yourself to acquire this knowledge! I know I wouldn't live my life without it, and neither should you! Contact me if you have any questions about my books/audio.” — Bart Smith, Author

About Bart Smith, Founder

Bart Smith is the author of several books, professional marketer and self-publishing consultant, a personal coach, and a dynamite, motivational speaker. A self-starting, life-affirming, renaissance man, Bart is an entrepreneur at heart, who also bakes the world's best chocolate chip cookies at BartsCookies.com. He shares his insights, skills, training and knowledge here, on his training website, MyTrainingCenter.com, and helps people make money online with his online marketing shopping cart software, InternetMarketingCart.com.

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Check out some of Bart's books on business, motivation, networking, coaching, checklists, and personal development.

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