Man was not intended to be alone. The same goes for women. We need each other for a myriad of reasons. We need each other more than we think we do. No gender is obsolete. Lonely? Hey, adopt a pet from a shelter. Rescuing an unwanted or runaway animal from an adoption center saves the life of the animal and can bring joy into your life, perhaps. If you aren’t crazy about having a pet full-time, become a foster parent and help out when needed. Again, why are you lonely? What’s the source? Be pro-active about your situation.

This is a big world. Start a club for people who feel just like you. Wow, instant friends. If you charge for admission to the club, you might even be able to profit off your loneliness. KIDDING! Hey, do something, no matter. Join a club, pick up a hobby, search for those online that talk about such hobbies or interests. Either way, get up, get out there, and take action. Break out of your lonely jail cell once and for all. No excuses. Are you looking for someone to spend your life with? Well, check this out …

Find The One For Me by Bart Smith 251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets by Bart SmithLaws Of The Bedroom by Bart SmithB.S. The Book by Bart Smith

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Bart Smith is the author of several books, professional marketer and self-publishing consultant, a personal coach, and a dynamite, motivational speaker. A self-starting, life-affirming, renaissance man, Bart is an entrepreneur at heart, who also bakes the world's best chocolate chip cookies at BartsCookies.com. He shares his insights, skills, training and knowledge here, on his training website, MyTrainingCenter.com, and helps people make money online with his online marketing shopping cart software, InternetMarketingCart.com.

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