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Invoice People (& Companies) Who Bug You, Seriously!

Invoice People (& Companies) Who Bug You, Seriously!


“When you get something for nothing, you just haven’t been billed for it … yet.” – Franklin P. Jones

This is real quickly tip for how you might respond to solicitors and tele-marketers who interrupt your time. When people bug you or annoy you, don’t get upset or angry? Give them an invoice for the time they spent committing acts of B.S. against you and be done with it. Watch how they look respond as if you’re the crazy one. Seriously, stand your ground. Present them with a bill for all the time you had to listen to their B.S. and watch them fade into the woodwork.

You see, no one wants to pay a bill that they technically don’t think they owe. So, what you’re doing here is playing on their psychology by making them aware that they’re wasting your time, which is highly valuable to you. So, invoice them, and companies too, make sense. How often have you heard this line from a representative of some company, “Our company might contact you after this call to inquire how we can improve the way we do business.” Your reply might be, I CHARGE FOR THAT KIND OF INFORMATION AND FOR MY TIME. Do you have a credit card ready to ensure that my bill is paid?

If I have to participate in another phone (or online) survey about how a company is doing, I want a piece of their bottom line. That’s like grocery stores that ask if we have one of their club/member cards to receive a discount. Honestly? You know they just jacked up all the prices, then suckered us into getting one of their discount cards to bring the prices back down, and for what? So they can track our buying habits? Hey, I’m all for inventory control, and knowing how much of what product was sold and what the store needs to reorder to restock shelves. I’m all for it, but you know what? I’m tired of discounts and all the games. I would just rather have lower prices without responding to, “Do you have our store rewards card?”

If you want me to help you (company) improve your bottom line, then I want to be paid. Period. No more freebies for you. You’re a business, you want my money, and repeat business, well, it’s going to cost you. Pay up. They don’t, and they won’t. So? We have to punish them a little, by not filling in their surveys, etc. Do you get what I’m talking about here? I hope so. Time is valuable, and we don’t have much of it left to spend doing what we love, when we’re bombarded with such time-sucking surveys and such. Sheesh! Okay, ‘nuff said. Onward and upward. Next topic …

I have a new response for cashiers when they ask me if I have one of their store discount cards. I reply with, “No, I like to pay more. It gives me incentive to MAKE MORE (money).” They look at me and laugh. I further reply, “That’s the problem with society today. There’s no incentive to make money. Everyone wants a discount, a handout, you name it! Hey, not for me.”

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