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How To Deal Tactfully & Creatively With Tele-Marketers & Solicitors Alike

How To Deal Tactfully & Creatively With Tele-Marketers & Solicitors Alike


These two concepts rarely go hand in hand, however, I include this little tip in this section because solicitors and tele-marketers are people, too. Granted, these folks interrupt your dinner hour, they knock on your door (or call) unannounced, they push products/services on us that we don’t really want or need. Right? What do you do when these people are coming at you?

I’ve got a few simple responses that will actually entertain them, make them laugh, instantly get them to understand and accept, “No thanks, I’m not interested.” My experience has been that they walk away or end a call laughing (and thanking me) for telling them to go away in a creative manner. For folks who interrupt our valuable your time, I tell them that I feel obligated to charge them for my time! When I tell unwanted callers that I charge $25 per minute for them to talk to me, it gets their attention. Then I might add, “Do you have your checkbook ready?” It is priceless until they realize that you are serious. They become speechless and confused. If they press me again, I reiterate my fee, and ask for a credit card, cash or a check on the spot. It’s a creative way for YOU to get YOUR message across without being rude. You’re just stating the facts.

Another response I might use might be, “Hi, how much is that?” (“Only $14.95.”) “Really? That’s how much I charge per minute for you to talk to me. Do you have your check book ready?” WHOA, you should see the look on their face when I say that to them. They’re speechless, smile, and confused. If they press me again, I just give them my fee, and ask for a credit card, cash or a check on the spot. They soon get it, and … go away, laughing/giggling. I bet they’ve never heard that one.

Another tried and true response to an annoying or bothersome interruption is to ask, “Do you have an appointment? I only work by appointment. I could squeeze you in right now, for $100 CASH! What do you say? Do you have that kind of money on you? Otherwise, we’ll have to set up an appointment for later, I’m eating right now, and that appointment only costs $50, PRE-PAID NOW! Can I set up a time for us to discuss your product/service? Oh? You’re not interested? Well, have a nice day.”

By interrupting their interruptions with creative requests of a financial nature immediately at your end and up front, hopefully they get the idea quick that you’re not interested. It takes a few minutes to get their attention, it’s a fun way to interact with them, and without being rude they get the message and move on.

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