B.S. Coaching with Bart Smith, Personal B.S. Coach

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

“Is it time to fire your therapist or life coach,
and replace them with a B.S. Coach?”


Is your life filled with B.S.? Does it seem B.S. surrounds you? I’m currently accepting new coaching clients for private one-on-one, group and corporate B.S. Coaching sessions.

“Hi, my name is Bart Smith and I am your B.S. Coach. Why do I call it B.S. Coaching? Well, pretty simple, you’ve got B.S. in your life (whether personal and/or business) and you need an expert in B.S. to help you break free from it.”

Everyone needs a little guidance, even coaching, at some point in their lives. Athletes wouldn’t dream of competing for the Olympics or going for the gold without a personal coach, and neither should you when it comes to achieving what you want in life!

With the help of a personal coach, your talents, dreams, skills and visions can be brought to the surface so you too can achieve the maximum amount of success life has to offer you. A level of success no one can ever really achieve on their own. Hence, the necessity of having a personal coach by your side, watching you, guiding you, motivating you, helping you hone your skills, working for you towards your ultimate success!

For others, maybe goal acquisition or motivation isn’t what you need help with. Perhaps you need to talk to someone about a subject that’s very deep and sensitive to your mind and your heart. Maybe you don’t want to (or think you could) go to a life coach or even a therapist for the kind of help you need.

B.S. Coaching provides custom solutions for what you might be going through in ways that are spot-on and specifically, B.S. Busting. I’ve had therapists coach with me, because their own friends (i.e., therapists) couldn’t help them overcome what B.S. they were going through at the time. I’ve helped successful business owners get through difficult divorces in ways no other counselor could help them remain assured, calm and confident. I’ve had spouses who’ve been cheated on ask for help on how to proceed with such intense situations. Stay in the marriage or go? In each instance, everyone was extremely glad they worked with me.

B.S. Coaching is about (you) sharing what’s troubling you, discussing exactly how to get out of certain situations, how to face certain people in your life, what to say, where you’d like to be, and what you’d like to really do with your life in your situation.

B.S. The Book by Bart SmithB.S. Coaching sessions cover a broad range of subjects that are sure to pique your interest. What can I help you with:

  • Personal B.S.
  • Relationship B.S.
  • Dating B.S.
  • Weight Loss B.S.
  • Marriage B.S.
  • Divorce B.S.
  • Life B.S.
  • Family B.S.
  • Business B.S.
  • Political B.S.
  • Teen B.S.
  • Other B.S.

My coaching style is relaxed, confidential, yet hard-hitting (where it counts) in regards to the subjects you want to cover for the maximum level of success and benefit to you. There is no coach like me. Some sessions last a few hours, some a few weeks, or more.

B.S. Coaching is provided either in-person (face to face), over the telephone, online via chat (via Skype), or through email correspondence. It’s up to you. For more information about B.S. Coaching and to schedule an appointment with me, simply click on the link below and contact me through my website:

Coaching fees vary according to the nature and duration of your B.S. Coaching session(s). That said, I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you break through B.S.

Warm Regards,

Bart Smith, Author
and many others!