About Bart Smith, author of B.S. The Book

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Bart Smith, author of B.S. The BookBART SMITH is a self-starting, life-affirming and driven man at heart and more! An entrepreneur at heart, Bart lives and works in sunny Southern California and wherever else he may roam. As a self-made man with big dreams and simple tastes, Bart Smith has a vision: to blaze a trail throughout the world, busting up B.S., shaking things up and leaving his indelible mark on the world in which he was born.

Bart quietly yearns for a quantum leap in thought, life and living; something less baffling than the current paradigm.

“I’ll take the road less traveled, thank you very much!”

Tired of all the fluff and bull, lies, cheats and scams, Bart yearned to fight back by sharing his life views, philosophies and helpful tips and tricks for living life free of B.S. in Bart Smith!

“Life didn’t come with a ‘owner’s manual.’ So, I had to write my own. My thoughts, my views, my philosophies, my tips, tricks, licks and tactics for living life and surviving the daily grind of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial B.S., which all of us face, in one form or another.”

B.S.The Book is a down-to-earth, honest, easy-to-follow, hands-on, no-holes-barred, one-stop-learning/living system and power-packed approach to living life free of B.S.

“I wrote B.S. The Book for ME, and I wrote it for YOU! B.S. The Book is my personal life reference, resource guide loaded with my personal tips, hand-made lists, to-the-point ‘life surviving’ tactics, formulas and systems that are sure to help rid B.S. from your life like it does mine!”

Bart Smith is dedicated to helping others achieve the most out of life, health, business and beyond by sharing his resources, insights, knowledge and attitude on life.

Bart Smith enjoys reading, writing, music, marketing, designing websites for friends and business associates, indoor/outdoor sports, the occasional margarita/ale beer on draft, and is your all-around self-starter, entrepreneur, funny man, and motivator in all his endeavors.

So, if you’re tired of putting up with the B.S. in your life, then grab a shovel and turn the page. Bart Smith is going to show you just how you too can bury all the B.S. you want in his exciting new book … B.S.The Book!